agosto 28th, 2012

Follow in the footsteps of FRANK SINATRA, ie, become a singer of his school took a lot of strength in my  youth.

With admiration and affection to my teacher FRANK SINATRA


With this blog I set two goals, one: to show my admiration for Frank Sinatra, American singer with a very extraordinary voice and very complete artist on stage. The admiration for Frank Sinatra permeated so deep in my heart  that I decided to follow  his footsteps and becoming a singer of his own school.


The second objective is to offer Frank Sinatra, from my humble blog, a tribute of admiration and sincere affection for an incomparable artist who has made me very happy every time I hear his songs or seen his films, and I’m still today on the same line.

My song «NEVER BEFORE», I dedicate it to FRANK SINATRA.

febrero 21st, 2013

JOSE CASTLLA currently, satisfied for having composed «NEVER BEFORE»




This is the sheet music for the song «NEVER BEFORE», romantic ballad that I am very happy that I made, and I had been  much happier if FRANK SINATRA had sung it. Another of my unfulfilled dreams.

This is the piano in which I enjoy playing my favorite songs, and  in which I composed my song «Never Before».





Music has been and still is, an essential part of my life, as I have said in another article in this blog: «Frank Sinatra, Strangers in the night and Jose Castilla».



The discovery of Frank Sinatra introduced me completely in the world of music, but I’ve never gone from being a big fan, although I must admit that in my youth I tried to go to the professional field, which is what I wished.



Besides enjoying singing the songs of Frank Sinatra, another facet in me that I also liked  to develop is as songwriter, and in fact, I have composed several songs, most of them boleros (you can hear on my website:  and all of them with lyrics in Spanish, which is my language.



But never thought that one day could compose a romantic ballad style Sinatra , however, and luckily for me, one day I felt within me a melody line in the ballads that sang Frank Sinatra, and that melody was also able to put English lyrics, I gave the title «NEVER BEFORE».



It would have been for me a great of happiness if this song composed by myself, FRANK SINATRA would have sung, but I know it would´ve been an impossible dream.

I dedicate my song to him because  without his musical influence, never have occurred to me to compose «NEVER BEFORE».



Not being a professional singer, I know it is  a bit risky to hang my song singing by me on my blog, so I turn to the benevolence of those who visit my blog asking to be tolerant of my faults and shortcomings, after all we are among friends and with the sole intention to spend time entertaining

I recorded this song on February 9, 2013, at five o’clock, in a study of my city, Burgos (Spain). Who accompanied me on the piano is my nephew Daniel, a boy with musical talent






enero 9th, 2013


FRANK SINATRA Goldwyn Studios in Los Angeles, in June 1973.


This long play is important in my life as a fan of FRANK SINATRA, and was a great joy for me to see Frank back to the world of music.

This picture is taken from the TV series in which Frank Sinatra presented the songs of his return to the world of music. Here is singing with enthusiasm and unmistakable personality LET ME TRY AGAIN. He seemed happy to be back in the music world.




Thousands of fans of FRANK SINATRA we were surprised and saddened to learn that on 13 June 1971, Sinatra, was holding his farewell concert of the world of music in the incomparable setting of Los Angeles Music Center.

But FRANK SINATRA could not take a long time to be away from public affection and applause, nor could suppress his love for music and the need to sing, so in 1973, decided to return to the stage.

FRANK SINATRA return to the world of music and to their fans by recording a full length album with 9 songs, entitled  Ol’Blue Eyes Is Back and with a televised concert in which she sang the songs of  album. In this return concert, Frank Sinatra was accompanied by extraordinary dancer and good friend Gene Kelly.

The long play Ol ‘Blue Eyes Is Back appeared in public with the support of a large advertising campaign and got a great commercial success and won the gold disc.


These are songs that contain the long-play:


1.»You Will Be My Music» (Joe Raposo) 

2.»You´re so right»  (Victoria Pike,  Teddy Randazzo, Roger Joyce) –

3.» Winnwers» (Joe Raposo)

4. Nobody Wins» (Kris Kristofferson) 

5.» Send in the Clowns «(Stephen Sondheim) 

6.»Dream Away» ( John Williams, Paul Williams)

7.»Let Me Try Again» («Laisse Moi Le Temps») ( Paul Anka, Sammy Cahn, Michel Jourdon)

8.» There used to be a ballpark« ( Joe Raposo)

9.»Noah» (Raposo)



FRANK SINATRA concert in Madrid on September 25, 1986

diciembre 27th, 2012

JOSE CASTILLA, super excited to see my admired Frank Sinatra live. That September 25, 1986 I was forever etched in my memory and in my heart.




FRANK SINATRA, in concert.
Thursday, day 25 September 1986
21 hours
row 34


Autumn had little time to live. The temperature was very nice, perfect for attending a concert outdoors.



Was nine o’clock in the evening. All spectators anxiously expecting the appearance of Frank Sinatra on stage..The presenter announced the imminent appearance of Sinatra on stage. Those who were there applauded enthusiastically



Frank appeared waving to concert goers. People interrupted him with shouts of !!Frankie, Frankie!!.



There was silence and the London Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Bill Miller, sounded the first notes of the famous song: Fly me to the moon.Frank Sinatra Fly Me To The After the instrumental introduction, Frank Sinatra started to sing with his warm and personal voice.



I could not believe what my eyes saw, what my ears were hearing, what my spirit felt. I had often dreamed of seeing a live performance by Frank Sinatra.The  dream came true. I was very happy.



Came the last song:, My way – Frank Sinatra .

My way, that to Frank is like a tailored suit. In my opinion is the best singer who plays the beautiful and incomparable song



Concluding My way, all attendees express our enthusiasm and admiration with strong and sustained applause.Frank thanked the public’s admiration samples taking the right hand to his mouth to send a kiss of thanks.



The concert ended. Frank Sinatra left the scene. In the faces of the people were very visible the state of joy and satisfaction for having watched and listened to an exceptional artist.


The stadium stayed empty but our hearts were filled with joy at having witnessed a performance by a great artist known by the nickname of The Voice.


A CD with six songs trying to follow the FRANK SINATRA style.

diciembre 23rd, 2012

This is the cover of the CD I recorded in 2005 with the songs:»NEW YORK, NEW YORK;FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE ;MY WAY ; STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT;CYCLES;LOVE HAS BEEN GOOD TO ME 



This is the photo that I’m close the piano and pointing to my teacher Frank Sinatra, which is inside of the CD, then I was 22, and I took 30 years to fulfill my dream of showing I could sing in the Sinatra style. A demonstration of perseverance in the execution of a dream.

It was clear that childhood dream of becoming in a singer trying to follow in the footsteps of Frank Sinatra, was totally frustrated. Then I said to myself: «I can´t  reach  to become in a singer of the Frank Sinatra school, but I can  record some songs of his repertoire and put them on a CD, trying to be as true to the style of the incomparable Frank Sinatra».


This idea was very present in me along many years, and it was from listening to Frank Sinatra in Madrid on September 25, 1986, when this idea took more strength in me, however, for one reason or another, I found difficult to carry out my project, until finally in 2005 I released my CD with six songs from the repertoire of Sinatra.


I was excited to record this album, and not for commercial purposes, but for the sole purpose of proving to myself that I had the qualities to become in a singer of Frank Sinatra School.

I was thinking about the songs that I would choose to record and finally were these six:










After many trials, I was ready to record the six songs that I mentioned earlier. I hired a modest recording studio in Madrid and recorded the six songs,  just to prove to myself that in other circumstances, might have sung Sinatra style. This happened in 2005.


These six songs, considering I’ve never been a professional singer, has a dignity and a lot of feeling in artistic interpretation, trying to be a good student of Frank Sinatra School. If you want you can listen to these songs entering my website:, in paragraph: «Remembering FRANK SINATRA».










diciembre 17th, 2012



Frank Sinatra — The Christmas Song (

Frank Sinatra – Jingle Bells

Christmas Songs of Frank Sinatra, always have been for me an essential part in the celebration of the Christmas time.

This old vinyl record, edited by Capitol Records, I bought it when I was 21 and contains the songs:JINGLE BELLS, THE CHRISTMAS SONG, IT CAME UPON A MIDNIGHT CLEAR, SILENT NIGHT.Frank Sinatra RARE 1991 Silent Night


The most beautiful thing in the world: LOVE. (Mother Teresa)

To all the people who visit my blog I sincerely wish them happy Christmas and a New Year in which all dreams become in reality.

This old vinyl disc contains four Christmas songs that are sung Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby and Fred Warin. GO TELL IN THE MOUNTAIN AND WE WISH YOU THE Merriest, are sung in duet by Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby.Santa Claus is coming to town



diciembre 8th, 2012

Frank Sinatra and his wife Barbara, and friends, on the day he turned 80.

Frank Sinatra – Happy Birthday

Frank Sinatra on the day of his 80th birthday delighted his friends singing one of his favorite songs, MY WAY, showing that he was in good shape and with the great talent as always.

The December 12, 1995, Frank Sinatra turned 80. It was a special birthday. 80 years was a fairly long life and luckily, despite all these years, I still had the ability to sing and do it with class and dignity. I wanted to join the thousands of people who congratulated him. From Burgos (Spain) I congratulated to Sinatra by sending a letter to the New York Times on December 5, 1995.I don´t know if you actually published, but I’m happy to have made this gesture, which for me was as if he had shaken hands.


Frank Sinatra, on stage at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, with arms outstretched in a gesture of thanks to all the friends who gathered here to congratulate his 80s and give demonstrations of affection and admiration for him.

José Castilla letter sent to the NEW YORK TIMES on the occasion of the 80th birthday of Frank Sinatra

Burgos (Spain), December 5, 1995


On December 12, 1995, Frank Sinatra is going to reach the age of 80 years . I think is a special birthday for him and for all people that love him. I´d like to join to the hundreds of people that will give Frank Sinatra their congratulations, and, at the same time, I´d like to use this opportunity from the pages of that famous newspaper, for expressing my admiration, recognition and gratitude to Old Blue Eyes for the wonderful momentes that I´ve passed listening to his exceptional voice singing so beautiful songs, and I want to wish him all the beste in his life. !!HAPPY BIRTHDAY¡¡.


JOSE CASTILLA In New York September 1997

noviembre 29th, 2012

JOSE CASTILLA before traveling to New York. I took this photo with the idea that people of Reprise Records know my place of origin. This photo was taken in August 1997, and put it in the envelope with the tape left Reprise Records. The place from where it was taken is the viewpoint of the castle of Burgos (Spain), which has a wonderful view of the famous cathedral of Burgos, in the Gothic style and was begun in the thirteenth century (1221)


JOSE CASTILLA, September 24, 1997, a historic date in my musical life .Here I am in front of the entrance door of the Time Warner building, which housed the Reprise Records, label founded by Frank Sinatra and in which I would give my recording





JOSE CASTILLA  in Times Square-42nd Street on September 25, 1997. A splendid sunny day. I walked putting the most attention in all the things that I could see. I was excited to be in the Big Apple. Excited because I had given my recording on the Reprise Records. Excited because I was going to watch a musical. And while I went walking I sangNEW YORK, NEW YORK


JOSE CASTILLA, on 23 September 1997, on the deck of the ship that brought him to the Statue of Liberty. Behind me and in the distance, a view of Manhattan.




I had always dreamed of one day visiting the world famous New York City. I did it in late September 1997. The trip was twofold, to know the city of skyscrapers and deliver on the Reprise Records label founded by Frank Sinatra-in-1960, a tape-recorded caseette for me with six songs: My Way, Cycles,Love´s been good to me, For once in my life, Strangers in the night and I´ve got you under my skin. It was a nominal gesture and was in memory of that other tape I sent to Frank Sinatra on 23 May 1974, and returned to me. This time the recording was to reach its destination because I myself would personally deliver not to Frank Sinatra, but yes at  the record label that was founded  for him in 1960 with the name of Reprise Records.


It happened in September 24, 1997.  Dawned with a blue sky and bright sunshine and friendly. I was full of emotion. With the enthusiasm and ingenuity of my youthful days, in spite of my  47 years.


I was happy to be in New York to meet an important objective: Deliver on Reprise Records tape containing six songs recorded by me. It was my little tribute of admiration for Frank Sinatra.It was a way of saying I could be a singer in your school, my admired Frank Sinatra, but I have done what has been available in my hand to show that, surrounded by other circumstances, might have been a worthy Sinatra style singer .


I asked the receptionist at my hotel, which was the direction of the record company Reprise Records , and he kindly gave me the information I needed. Reprise Records was located in the Time Warner building, and there I went. Heart rate was accelerated as I approached the reception of Reprise Records. A man and a woman, both young people, were at the entrance of the company for attending people. With my bad English tried to explain the reason for my presence there. They smiled politely. I gave them the recording and I left. Mission accomplished. I had performed the symbolic act of delivery of my recording in the record company founded by my teacher FRANK SINATRA. If at the time when that was inside of Reprise Records I´d  met with him, would have been awesome.



FRANK SINATRA, Strangers in the night, and JOSE CASTILLA

octubre 24th, 2012

STRANGERS IN THE NIGHTFrank Sinatra – Strangers In The Night – 1966 was the song with I discovered to Frank Sinatra, and, therefore, a very important song in my life.


Jose Castilla tells about his admiration for Frank Sinatra.


In this photo I was 22. Above the piano I have a picture of Frank Sinatra to which I am pointing and saying, “This is my teacher. My reference as a Singer

I was born in the city of Burgos (Spain).

What person has not proposed a goal in your life? Who has not wanted to see his dream become reality?.

My goal, my dream was to become a singer in the style of Frank Sinatra. And once I was convinced I wanted to be a singer, I set to work.

It all started one afternoon in summer of 1966 ( I was 18 years old). I lighted the radio and then I heard a new song which title was Strangers in the night. an the interpreter of the song was a U.S. singer named Frank Sinatra. For me this singer was unknown and  was the first time I heard that song. I exclaimed: «He is a marvellous singer; never before I had heard such a voice, and the song is really fantastic».Since then my admiration for Frank Sinatra grew gradually.But what at first was only admiration, this feeling soon became the desire to be like him.

How to start the way to become a singer?. I felt it was important to have a minimal musical training, so at the end of the summer of 1966 I enrolled at the music conservatory of Burgos(Spain) for learning piano.
I must say that aside from dreaming of becoming a singer,I had to keep my feet on the ground, which meant I had to make a living. Then I decided to prepare the opposition to work in the Postal Service.  In the year 1975  I was working in the Postal Service of Spain as officer.


I worked, I studied and I dreamed of one day becoming a singer Frank Sinatra style.
If I wanted to sing the songs of Sinatra, I had to learn English, so I started studying English  in a language school.

I started thinking about the following plan: Frank Sinatra knew that a young Spanish idealist who wanted to become a singer of his school. I thought the most appropriate way would be record some songs.I made a contract with a pianist and a recording studio and I recorded four songs:  Days of Wine and Roses; Hey! jealous lover; Strangers in the Night and Three coins in the fountain.


I put the tape in an envelope and sent it to my teacher and admired Frank Sinatra, on May 23, 1974, to the following address:Mr. Frank Sinatra 4000 Warner Bld, Berbank California 91505.This address was not correct, so the Post Office USA sent the letter to the following address: 1041 N. Formosa Hollywood, CA 90046


The dream collapsed when in early July of 1974,  I received the return envelope sent to Frank Sinatra 23.Mars.1974 with my recording.It was a blow, but not enough to keep me out of combat.I continued playing the piano and learning songs as: Strangers in the ninght, Begin the Begin, I’ve got you under my skin, and others.
I got the idea of going to the U.S., but I lacked the courage.

Within days of receiving returned the envelope containing the tape I sent to Sinatra, I had a pleasant dream related to Frank . It was like this:

«I was in my room playing the piano the song Strangers in the night. Suddenly and in the distance I heard a familiar voice singing the song I was playing. Gradually the voice was closer and I could listen to clearly, was the voice of Frank Sinatra. He stood beside me and said, «Boy, you play  the piano very well.» A few minutes later the alarm went off. It was time to get up to go to work». 

That beautiful dream always carry it in my heart.

It was not a dream and if a wonderful reality occurred on September 24, 1986, the day before that Frank Sinatra gave a concert at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, Madrid (Spain).

This was my real dream:

This photo was taken in Madrid on September 24, 1986. Frank Sinatra is in the car that took him from the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, it was the place of the concert, to the Ritz Hotel, where Sinatra was staying. This photo was taken about 20 meters from the main entrance.

I was standing by the door of the Ritz hotel with other Sinatra fans waiting to see him back to the hotel after performing the tests. It was about 8 in the evening. A pleasant summer evening. I see a high-end black car approaching the front door of hotel. People started saying enthusiastically: «! Is Frank Sinatra, Frank Sinatra !». The car stopped a few meters from the front door of the hotel.The car door opened and Frank came out showing his happy face and lit with his pleasant smile.and got out of it. Enthusiasm rose sharply: «! Frank, Frank!».

We were all excited to have so close to us a remarkable singer who was known by the nickname «The Voice».We were all very happy to be so close to seeing Frank Sinatra. Directed his steps to the front door of the Ritz hotel.

I was in a privileged posisitión because I made friends with the people responsible for ensuring the safety of Frank., so I was with them at the time that Sinatra went beyond the threshold of the door to the hotel. I stood in front of FRANK SINATRA and held out my hand, he did the same, I said in English (very happy and full of emotion): «You are the best».

It was  magical, unforgettable, full of excitement and happiness, to see face to face and shake hands with my admired teacher.

Fortunately for me, I still had a second part to enjoy the presence of Frank Sinatra, I would go to see him in concert.


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Frank Sinatra and his wife Barbara, in Madrid, during the concert that featured Frank 25.September.1986.

septiembre 3rd, 2012

Frank Sinatra with his wife Barbara, walking with his wife in one of the streets of Madrid. Both were welcomed by some famous artist from Spain, as Rocío Jurado, who gave Barbara a beautiful bouquet of flowers.


September 24, 1986. Frank Sinatra in salute to his fans, near the football stadium Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid (Spain), where the concert would have place the next day, ie, on 25 September 1986

Frank Sinatra came to Spain for the first time in 1950, and the reason for the visit was the filming of Pride and Passion, with Cary Grant and Sophia Loren. After 24 years and 69 of age, Sinatra returned to Spain again on the occasion of a concert, and he was accompanied by his wife.

Frank Sinatra and his wife Barbara were received with great kindness by all types of audiences: fans  and Spanish artists as Rocio Jurado, who was responsible for delivering a huge bouquet of flowers to Barbara Sinatra ..


Frank Sinatra and his wife Barabara, enjoyed a very pleasant couple of days in Madrid, getting the respect and affection of many people who came to greet them.


Letter sent to Frank Sinatra on 23 May 1974.

agosto 29th, 2012

Envelope addressed to Frank Sinatra on 5/24/74, and containing my record and my letter

FRANK SINATRA, my teacher, whose footsteps I wanted to follow and to whom I sent my letter.

This is the picture I sent to Frank Sinatra. I was 26 year old and I didn´t know exactly what was the reason to come to my mind the original idea to send a recording to the very famous american singer. I have to recognize it was a childish action. If I have to give a explanation I only find one: my dreamer spirit.

Envelope addressed : Mr. Frank Sinatra; 4000 Warner Bld;Berbank
California 91505.

Document of the postal service, the number given in the letter to Frank Sinatra (5043) and the date: 05/24/74 and the city:Burgos (Spain)


4000, Warner Bld.







First I want to express my apologies for not writing in your language, because although I am studying, I have not the skills to express myself in English.


It is possible that what I want is a little childish, but I must say that I am honest and would not stay quiet if not carried out this idea.


My name is José María Rupérez Cibrián.I am 26 years old. I was born in Burgos, Spain.I  loved  music since childhood. I knew about you for the first time  when I listened to  singing the song Strangers in the night. My age was at that time 18 years old, and from then until now, the interest in your music has been total. I bought each new album you pulled the market.


 After completing military service I moved to Barcelona(Spain), I was 24 years old. I thought that in a much larger city that Burgos it would be easier for me to get into the the world of music. After a couple of months ago I met a young pianist and with him  I could rehearse and record the songs: Softly, As I Leave You, Hey, jealous lover, Three Coins in the Fountain, Days of Wine and Roses and Strangers in the night.


After a year and a half in Barcelona trying to make my way in the world of music I couldn´t reach my goal. I returned to my parents’ house in Burgos. And from my city I followed the fight, which now consists of sending this recording. This is a simple recording, but it’s all I could do,  forgive me the faults.


I thank you in advance, using the opportunity to express my sincere affection and admiration, staying hoping to hear from you.


José María Rupérez Cibrián (José Castilla)


Note: The letter was returned to me because the address was not correct.