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FRANK SINATRA Goldwyn Studios in Los Angeles, in June 1973.


This long play is important in my life as a fan of FRANK SINATRA, and was a great joy for me to see Frank back to the world of music.

This picture is taken from the TV series in which Frank Sinatra presented the songs of his return to the world of music. Here is singing with enthusiasm and unmistakable personality LET ME TRY AGAIN. He seemed happy to be back in the music world.




Thousands of fans of FRANK SINATRA we were surprised and saddened to learn that on 13 June 1971, Sinatra, was holding his farewell concert of the world of music in the incomparable setting of Los Angeles Music Center.

But FRANK SINATRA could not take a long time to be away from public affection and applause, nor could suppress his love for music and the need to sing, so in 1973, decided to return to the stage.

FRANK SINATRA return to the world of music and to their fans by recording a full length album with 9 songs, entitled  Ol’Blue Eyes Is Back and with a televised concert in which she sang the songs of  album. In this return concert, Frank Sinatra was accompanied by extraordinary dancer and good friend Gene Kelly.

The long play Ol ‘Blue Eyes Is Back appeared in public with the support of a large advertising campaign and got a great commercial success and won the gold disc.


These are songs that contain the long-play:


1.»You Will Be My Music» (Joe Raposo) 

2.»You´re so right»  (Victoria Pike,  Teddy Randazzo, Roger Joyce) –

3.» Winnwers» (Joe Raposo)

4. Nobody Wins» (Kris Kristofferson) 

5.» Send in the Clowns «(Stephen Sondheim) 

6.»Dream Away» ( John Williams, Paul Williams)

7.»Let Me Try Again» («Laisse Moi Le Temps») ( Paul Anka, Sammy Cahn, Michel Jourdon)

8.» There used to be a ballpark« ( Joe Raposo)

9.»Noah» (Raposo)