Frank Sinatra and his wife Barbara, and friends, on the day he turned 80.

Frank Sinatra – Happy Birthday

Frank Sinatra on the day of his 80th birthday delighted his friends singing one of his favorite songs, MY WAY, showing that he was in good shape and with the great talent as always.

The December 12, 1995, Frank Sinatra turned 80. It was a special birthday. 80 years was a fairly long life and luckily, despite all these years, I still had the ability to sing and do it with class and dignity. I wanted to join the thousands of people who congratulated him. From Burgos (Spain) I congratulated to Sinatra by sending a letter to the New York Times on December 5, 1995.I don´t know if you actually published, but I’m happy to have made this gesture, which for me was as if he had shaken hands.


Frank Sinatra, on stage at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, with arms outstretched in a gesture of thanks to all the friends who gathered here to congratulate his 80s and give demonstrations of affection and admiration for him.

José Castilla letter sent to the NEW YORK TIMES on the occasion of the 80th birthday of Frank Sinatra

Burgos (Spain), December 5, 1995


On December 12, 1995, Frank Sinatra is going to reach the age of 80 years . I think is a special birthday for him and for all people that love him. I´d like to join to the hundreds of people that will give Frank Sinatra their congratulations, and, at the same time, I´d like to use this opportunity from the pages of that famous newspaper, for expressing my admiration, recognition and gratitude to Old Blue Eyes for the wonderful momentes that I´ve passed listening to his exceptional voice singing so beautiful songs, and I want to wish him all the beste in his life. !!HAPPY BIRTHDAY¡¡.


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