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JOSE CASTILLA In New York September 1997

jueves, noviembre 29th, 2012

JOSE CASTILLA before traveling to New York. I took this photo with the idea that people of Reprise Records know my place of origin. This photo was taken in August 1997, and put it in the envelope with the tape left Reprise Records. The place from where it was taken is the viewpoint of the castle of Burgos (Spain), which has a wonderful view of the famous cathedral of Burgos, in the Gothic style and was begun in the thirteenth century (1221)


JOSE CASTILLA, September 24, 1997, a historic date in my musical life .Here I am in front of the entrance door of the Time Warner building, which housed the Reprise Records, label founded by Frank Sinatra and in which I would give my recording





JOSE CASTILLA  in Times Square-42nd Street on September 25, 1997. A splendid sunny day. I walked putting the most attention in all the things that I could see. I was excited to be in the Big Apple. Excited because I had given my recording on the Reprise Records. Excited because I was going to watch a musical. And while I went walking I sangNEW YORK, NEW YORK


JOSE CASTILLA, on 23 September 1997, on the deck of the ship that brought him to the Statue of Liberty. Behind me and in the distance, a view of Manhattan.




I had always dreamed of one day visiting the world famous New York City. I did it in late September 1997. The trip was twofold, to know the city of skyscrapers and deliver on the Reprise Records label founded by Frank Sinatra-in-1960, a tape-recorded caseette for me with six songs: My Way, Cycles,Love´s been good to me, For once in my life, Strangers in the night and I´ve got you under my skin. It was a nominal gesture and was in memory of that other tape I sent to Frank Sinatra on 23 May 1974, and returned to me. This time the recording was to reach its destination because I myself would personally deliver not to Frank Sinatra, but yes at  the record label that was founded  for him in 1960 with the name of Reprise Records.


It happened in September 24, 1997.  Dawned with a blue sky and bright sunshine and friendly. I was full of emotion. With the enthusiasm and ingenuity of my youthful days, in spite of my  47 years.


I was happy to be in New York to meet an important objective: Deliver on Reprise Records tape containing six songs recorded by me. It was my little tribute of admiration for Frank Sinatra.It was a way of saying I could be a singer in your school, my admired Frank Sinatra, but I have done what has been available in my hand to show that, surrounded by other circumstances, might have been a worthy Sinatra style singer .


I asked the receptionist at my hotel, which was the direction of the record company Reprise Records , and he kindly gave me the information I needed. Reprise Records was located in the Time Warner building, and there I went. Heart rate was accelerated as I approached the reception of Reprise Records. A man and a woman, both young people, were at the entrance of the company for attending people. With my bad English tried to explain the reason for my presence there. They smiled politely. I gave them the recording and I left. Mission accomplished. I had performed the symbolic act of delivery of my recording in the record company founded by my teacher FRANK SINATRA. If at the time when that was inside of Reprise Records I´d  met with him, would have been awesome.