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Frank Sinatra and his wife Barbara, in Madrid, during the concert that featured Frank 25.September.1986.

lunes, septiembre 3rd, 2012

Frank Sinatra with his wife Barbara, walking with his wife in one of the streets of Madrid. Both were welcomed by some famous artist from Spain, as Rocío Jurado, who gave Barbara a beautiful bouquet of flowers.


September 24, 1986. Frank Sinatra in salute to his fans, near the football stadium Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid (Spain), where the concert would have place the next day, ie, on 25 September 1986

Frank Sinatra came to Spain for the first time in 1950, and the reason for the visit was the filming of Pride and Passion, with Cary Grant and Sophia Loren. After 24 years and 69 of age, Sinatra returned to Spain again on the occasion of a concert, and he was accompanied by his wife.

Frank Sinatra and his wife Barbara were received with great kindness by all types of audiences: fans  and Spanish artists as Rocio Jurado, who was responsible for delivering a huge bouquet of flowers to Barbara Sinatra ..


Frank Sinatra and his wife Barabara, enjoyed a very pleasant couple of days in Madrid, getting the respect and affection of many people who came to greet them.