My song «NEVER BEFORE», I dedicate it to FRANK SINATRA.

JOSE CASTLLA currently, satisfied for having composed «NEVER BEFORE»




This is the sheet music for the song «NEVER BEFORE», romantic ballad that I am very happy that I made, and I had been  much happier if FRANK SINATRA had sung it. Another of my unfulfilled dreams.

This is the piano in which I enjoy playing my favorite songs, and  in which I composed my song «Never Before».





Music has been and still is, an essential part of my life, as I have said in another article in this blog: «Frank Sinatra, Strangers in the night and Jose Castilla».



The discovery of Frank Sinatra introduced me completely in the world of music, but I’ve never gone from being a big fan, although I must admit that in my youth I tried to go to the professional field, which is what I wished.



Besides enjoying singing the songs of Frank Sinatra, another facet in me that I also liked  to develop is as songwriter, and in fact, I have composed several songs, most of them boleros (you can hear on my website:  and all of them with lyrics in Spanish, which is my language.



But never thought that one day could compose a romantic ballad style Sinatra , however, and luckily for me, one day I felt within me a melody line in the ballads that sang Frank Sinatra, and that melody was also able to put English lyrics, I gave the title «NEVER BEFORE».



It would have been for me a great of happiness if this song composed by myself, FRANK SINATRA would have sung, but I know it would´ve been an impossible dream.

I dedicate my song to him because  without his musical influence, never have occurred to me to compose «NEVER BEFORE».



Not being a professional singer, I know it is  a bit risky to hang my song singing by me on my blog, so I turn to the benevolence of those who visit my blog asking to be tolerant of my faults and shortcomings, after all we are among friends and with the sole intention to spend time entertaining

I recorded this song on February 9, 2013, at five o’clock, in a study of my city, Burgos (Spain). Who accompanied me on the piano is my nephew Daniel, a boy with musical talent





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